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For the past seven years, I've provided independent advice on improving learning, teaching and class-based assessment practice, to give schools, clusters and local authority staff the kind of support many asked for when Curriculum for Excellence was introduced. It may be hard to imagine but it’s now 13 years since the first CfE papers were published and eight years since the 3-15 curriculum folder arrived in schools.

With government plans to introduce standardised testing I'm now less interested in supporting work in assessment that depends on testing regimes.

However, I continue to support professional learning, and am shifting the focus of my work to include:
  • development and delivery of practitioner enquiry programmes to address the revised Professional Standards and support local authority provision for career long professional learning
  • guidance for senior staff in local authorities tasked with developing assessment approaches using moderation to ensure quality
  • research studies for national organisations
  • literature and policy reviews for national and international organisations.

If you would like me to work on any of these ways with staff in your school, cluster or local authority, let me know. I'm just two ticks away!

To find out more, follow the links opposite. To make contact, me, send an email to
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