Feedback from participants at recent sessions:

Excellent - a real reality check of what needs to be done now that BtC5 has been published.

Secondary teacher

Highly supportive and extremely clearly expressed and exemplified!

LA Curriculum Development Officer

Very informative. Have always felt uplifted and enthusiastic as Myra instills confidence.

Primary teacher

Myra Young was a very good speaker who explained clearly the need for moderation starting at the planning stage. Would be good for other staff members to hear Myra deliver talk.

Myra had a very relaxed manner and helped staff to clearly identify the requirements of moderation.

The tutor was excellent and due to her, in our small group, we learnt a lot from each other and were very supportive of each other.

Myra was supportive and encouraging throughout the whole process. She gave me effective and constructive feedback about my enquiry.

I really enjoyed this course. Well done to Myra Young for putting it together.

Myra did a great job with her presentation and we had a fantastic group who worked really well.

Myra was a pleasure to work with and her knowledge and experience are extensive.

Thoroughly enjoyed this course. Excellent tutor input. I gained a great deal from undertaking it.

Myra was always positive and happy to help and you never felt pressured by her.

Tutor was very responsive to requests/needs/clarification of all aspects of the course and altered her delivery accordingly.